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The Reel Animals TV Show

Enjoy a Preview of Our TV Show!

The "Reel Animals TV Show" is our first foray into the wonderful world of television. We have been a staple on Sunday morning radio in the Tampa Bay area going on fice years. We initially launched our venture on WDAE 620 AM as the "Sports Animals Fishing Show." During our tenure on WDAE we gained notoriety as the fishing talk show with an "edge." Over the course of our run on WDAE, we grew our audience to more than 25,000 listeners on a weekly basis. Reel Animals Online

In 2004, through a connection with our web designer, we were put in contact with WFLA-TV, a Media-General television station in Tampa. Our initial pilot aired in June of that year and was a smashing success with great ratings. After several turbulent months and contract negotiations, we return to the air in March 2006.

We plan on maintaining the "edgy" banter that has made our radio program a success and we'll concentrate on fishing and "catching" fish. On some shows we will feature great charter captains from the areas that we visit and in others, you'll just have to put up with the two of us. Our goal is to make our show educational, but not in a classroom sense. We want to show you lots of action as we battle gamefish in the Gulf of Mexico waters ranging from Speckled Seatrout, to leaping Tarpon to screaming lines with fish you may have never heard of...trying to elude our anglers.

We'll take you underwater to see things from the fish's view and we'll show you tips and Tactics we have learned with more than 40 years experience as certified charter captains. We hope you enjoy our fishing show and please understand that we stress conservation and safety in all of our shows. Most of all, we do this for the fun!

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The Reel Animals Radio Show
WDAE Radio
620 WDAE, the Sports Animals, the leading Sports Radio Station in the Tampa market, is proud to bring you the "Reel Animals Radio Show" with Captain Michael Anderson and Captain Billy Nobles, sponsored by T.A. Mahoney's Marine and Service Center. The fishing show "with an edge" features our veteran charter captains fishing along the Gulf and Atlantic waters for a variety of sport and gamefish. Check out two hours of fun conversation and interaction with fishing folks from around the state at 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. Sunday mornings.

We are now also on FOX News Radio, 970 WFLA from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. on Saturdays.

To listen "LIVE" on the radio from the internet, click on the links on the right side of this page. If you for some insane reason miss our show, you can also download it as a podcast to your computer or IPOD by clicking here.

The captain takes his saltwater seasoned sense of humor and ability of tracking down the "lunkers" to a two-hour radio show packed with tons of information centered around tracking and catching fish throughout the Southeast. Captains from around the state call-in weekly to inform our listeners on what is hot in their area and give tips on catching the keepers. We also field calls from listeners to get local fishing reports and answer questions about fishing and staying ahead of the game.

As professional guides with more than 40 years experience, besides having fun with what they do, the hosts also strive to stress safety and conservation in the fishing industry.

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